Saturday, May 3, 2014

A few pictures from Mazatlan conference 2014

If you'd like a copy of our May 2014 Newsletter you can click here and down load a PDF file, thank you for praying. 

A few pictures of Momma's 85th birthday party

Friday, March 14, 2014

Alma went with me for the first time as I was out sharing the Gospel last week. To be honest I was a little nervous having her with me because its pretty difficult to get around for one. But there was no turning her back. The area is also pretty infamous for its criminal activities as well. We had a visitor last week at Triumph Lutheran church in Nogales Arizona, after the service he he said he'd like to come to our church on the Mexican side, because I mentioned it in my sermon. He said that he worked for the American embassy there in Nogales Arizona Sonora. As I was giving him directions, I told him it was in Buenos Aires, then he said, "oh, I've been told I can go anywhere in Nogales... exept Buenos Aires, it's too dangerous there. Poo! That ended that, there was no talking him into it. Well, as Alma and I visited, we didn't really find anyone open to the Gospel, until we climbed way up high. We found a woman by the name of Lucy just waiting for us. It was then I was so glad I had Alma with me, for I wouldn't have been able to share with Lucy without her. We had such a good time, Lucy pulled out some old chairs and there we were, on the mountain top, high above the tribulations below, sharing of Him, whom it seemed like we could touch there in the sky. I knew Almita would be a natural once we got started. And by the time we came around to inviting Lucy to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior, I prayed for her, then she prayed by herself, asking Gods forgiveness and for Jesus to come into her heart and life. Then Alma prayed for her growth and family, it was wonderful. I went back later with Patti, one of the sisters from our church to give her a simple Bible study and a bag of vegetables Alma sent with me.

Pray for all the changes coming for Alma and I. For Gods clear direction about her job, our candidacy with the World Mission Prayer League, and the conference with the Mexican Lutheran Alliance in April.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Washington Weekend

How time flies! It's been several weeks already since Alma and I went to Washington to spend a weekend with our brothers and sisters at Elim Lutheran Church. We  received the wonderful hospitality of the Larson's on our stay. I stayed with them a couple of years ago when I visited Lake Stevens. This was the beginning of many first's for Alma. First time to Washington, first time on a ferry, first time visiting an all English church and being part of presenting a little bit of what it's like to live and work here in Nogales. I for one am very proud of her. It was quite a stretch for her, but she said she had a great time, and so did I.

We've been doing some work on our house, converting a carport into another bedroom so that it will accommodate both Alma's girls as well as my kids. It is really going well, we should be done in a couple more weeks.  

Our brother and friend Pastor Paul Kneeland and his family have announced that they are going to be leaving back to the Midwest soon. So the congregation has asked for help on Sunday. Pastor Ted Kennedy and I will try to help once a month when we can.

We had Josiah Nelson with us for our youth group last Saturday to share about the Bible school, my kids especially are very exited about the possibility for going in a few years. That is exiting to me to see their enthusiasm over Bible school.  

On the Seattle ferry.

Monday, August 19, 2013

11 more days!

Only eleven more days until Alma and I are to be married. I'm not the only one now counting. Every time Pastor Kennedy asks for prayer, Cesar says, "For my Dad and Alma, they are going to get married in... twelve days." And if he doesn't mention the days, Pastor Ted will ask him, "how many more days?..." Even Pastor Antonio in Nogales Sonora asks me "¿Cuántos días más aleluya?" ("How many more days Hallelujah?" He calls me Hallelujah).

Both churches on both sides of the border want me to preach again this weekend. I was a little nervous about trying to concentrate on a message with less than two weeks until I get married. But this morning while in prayer God gave me the text as well as how to present it. I told Alma over the phone before we had our prayer time, that I feel I can preach it now! Praise God!

We had a really good VBS in Nogales Sonora Mexico. We had quite a few new kids, one especially touched me. His name is Lupe. A little mechanic at nine years old. I pray I can get close to him and help him to know Jesus, the ultimate mechanic. I put some of the pictures on my Facebook.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

I cannot believe how fast time is rushing by. For so long, time seemed to drag along, and everything was in slow motion. Now it is the opposite. Yesterday, Sunday the 11th, was really full, with preaching at Triumph, then taking the kids to Mary Ann's house, then off to Buenos Aires to preach and lead the worship again, then home for a quick lunch and phone call with a dear brother in Mn. Then back across the border to Mascareñas to do two services in two homes serving communion for both. And finally getting back home at eight pm. What used to be so long a day, that I really wasn't looking forward to anymore, and really had to wrestle with those feelings, now seems to fly by. And it's such a joy again. I served communion to Marta, who is terminal, alone in a little shack, cannot get out of bed or do anything by herself. Her mother, who is in her eighties has to attend to her needs because there is no one else. A scene that is hard to imagine without being there. What an honor to pour God's word, God's love into her! I'm so thankful to God to be allowed be His man at this time, at that place, to His people.

Time is also flying by and so soon I'll be married to my Alma Nidia. Only nineteen days now! I have been asked on several occasions in tongue and cheek, "oh, but your not counting are you?" I reply, "oh yes I am, and have been every since we set the date. And I am not ashamed to say so." It seemed at first the clock ran fairly slow, but now is running double time. It also seems there are so few that I can really express the thankfulness to God, the joy, the thrill, and excitement that I feel over knowing and being given this opportunity to marry this girl (I call her my girl, my young lady, even though we're the same age :-). I know on the one hand it is to be expected, especially with all of those who know both Mary Ann and myself. Not everyone has gone through the grieving process, and has mourned over all of this as long as I have. These, almost three years seem like an eternity. But I have grieved, and mourned, and am now ready to live. I read this morning, "Loss can be excruciating. Mourning our loss is critical. What we don't mourn, we carry inside, perhaps forever." I have laid the loss down now at the foot of the cross. Not just with words. Not just because that is a nice religious way of putting it. But I have been there, at the cross, and thanked Him for the past and all the experiences, confessed what I wish I could have done better, and asked for grace to go forward in Jesus name. And now I am. I know there will be times when I still will grieve, for I cannot ever forget twenty six years or more of my life. But I believe I am called to look up, to look forward, and to live an abundant life in Jesus name. I have now given my life to Alma, I love her so much, and will love her with all my heart as long as I live. And I am marrying her publicly, before our family, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ and in His presence like we've never been married before. I will love her now and always as my first love (apart only from Jesus Christ!) and will let nothing nor anyone get between us. I believe every husband and wife should be able to say, "Amen!" to that.

Alright, enough confession for now. I just felt I had to get this said, it seems to have been an impediment to sharing regularly our progression. Anyway, time is flying... lots to do...  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Praise God! The workbooks arrived

After checking all over on both sides of the border, the least expensive copies of the workbook was $6. But praise the Lord! the books came today ($5.99). Thank you for praying with us. It looks like we're all set. Now pray for God's Spirit to do the work in everyone's hearts, we have twelve so far. I'll put their first names so that you can join us in prayer by name: Patricia, Irma, Jose, Buria, Ofelia, Esther, Ysabel, Guadalupe, Delfina, Aria, Sara and Irma. And pray for Alma and I as we continue to prepare ourselves.